Booty Hunters

Real Time Battle Arena RPG - Unity

Booty Hunters is a mobile game that combines the Battle Arena play of MOBAs with the long term play of RPGs.  Each of these elements are unique and intertwine to invoke the feeling of being captain of your very own pirate vessel.

As Project Lead for Booty Hunters, I covered a broad spectrum of the game's creation roles from game and level design to programming. 


Design Goals: (Lead Designer)

  • Combine MOBA and RPG elements to create an enjoyable and lengthy experience that encourages players to emotionally invest in their ship (Hero), while they continue exploring the world and learing new abilities to stregthen their combat.

  • Create gameplay that rewards players for being innovative about their combat strategies.  This encourages them to keep expirmenting to find more efficient methods for combatting foes and make best use of their resources.

  • Ensure gameplay is modular to ease replication of levels while avoiding the feeling of grinding by adding random generation of enemies so players don't have to play the same exact level twice.

  • Construct packs of enemies to be used in the random level generation, test packs for difficulty so they can be spawned according to the player's progress in the game, to prevent the player from getting bored from too much or too little challenge.

  • Incorporate the fast pace of MOBA with the limited control scheme of mobile games in a way that excites the player instead of limiting them. MOBA games require lots of input from players, with an average actions per minute of at least 100.  In Booty Hunters, a player's ship will automatically attack enemies in range which allows players to focus on their ability usage.



Andrew Martinson