Imaginary Surfaces

HTC Vive VR - Unity

Imaginary Surfaces and Airfield Inspections VR is an unclassified interactive/immersive training product that simulates an actual airfield and allows the user to complete airfield inspections and manipulate imaginary surfaces. In trainer mode, users can toggle imaginary surfaces, alter weather and day/night settings, and place airfield signs, hazards, aircraft, trees, and vehicles to create and save training scenarios. In student mode, students can open saved scenarios and inspect suspected penetrations to imaginary surfaces by measuring the heights of different props. Additionally, students complete runway inspections by identifying, measuring and evaluating airfield hazards.

Click to see the article Keesler AFB wrote about this application.

Design Goals:

  • Create a menu system that give users access to a large quantity of items without being overly complicated

  • Plan mechanics that enable users to easily modify their environment by placing and updating objects in it

  • Give users a way to move large distances around the airfield for better viewing of the imaginary surfaces

  • Design a solution for measuring objects and damages in the world that

  • Runway damages show depth and other measurements

  • Became and expert on imaginary surfaces and created the models for them


Andrew Martinson