Town Builder 2-D mobile game - Unity

MONOPOLY Towns brings the MONOPOLY board game to life in an epic town-building experience! Build your own unique town by buying properties, collecting rent, and building lavish hotels. Expand your empire, then trade and sell goods to other towns. MONOPOLY Towns was released in select markets and is available on iOS and Android.

As a game designer on MONOPOLY Towns, I focused on balancing the game play for long and short term. I mapped resources needed at all levels to ensure that source structures were abundant enough for players. Planned structure unlock levels so players always had a new goal to be working toward and their economy was not out of balance. I also analyzed Analytic data to tune our game and find ways to improve player retention, and conversion.

Design Goals:

  • Balanced SC income with XP income to ensure players remain in the targeted resources/player level window for 3 years of play

  • Analyzed Localytics data to extrapolate trends to tune rewards

  • Conceptualize and plan post launch features for future implementation

  • Used formulas in Google Docs spread sheet to present large quantities of data in a comprehensible way to make informed design decisions


Andrew Martinson