Booty Hunters - Programming

Real Time Battle Arena RPG - Unity

Booty Hunters is a mobile game that combines Battle Area play from MOBA's with Role Playing Games.  Each of these elements of gameplay are unique and intertwine to invoke the feeling of being captain of your very own pirate vessel.

As Project Lead for Booty Hunters, I coverer a broad spectrum of the game's creation roles from game and level design to programming. 


My Programming Goals: (C#)

  • Write efficient code to achieve a 3D gaming experience that is not bogged down on IOS devices.

  • Build player abilities that create their own colliders to determine what they are damaging.

  • AI patrols in the map mode that react to the player and chase them down if they remain in sight for too long.

  • An intuitive HUD that gives effective feedback to players throughout their time in the world of Booty Hunters.

  • Functionality to track different types of objectives and victory conditions needed for each level.

  • Scripts that communicate to check the player's status before letting them perform actions, ex. stunned, insufficient energy, dead.

  • Player prefs keep track of resources during and away from the game as well as to update the resource display.


Andrew Martinson